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During winter months / cold spells, there are one or two issues which may cause your boiler to "lock out" and temporarily stop working.
The most obvious one is due to insufficient water pressure in the heating system. You will be able to identify if this is the fault by looking at the pressure dial which most boilers have on the front or on the underside of the boiler. The reading should be between 1 - 1.5 bar. Some dials are infact colour coded and coloured green. Repressurising the boiler is generally a simple task and can be accomplished often without too much fuss. In our experience, we have talked people through on the telephone how to repressurise and the heating was back up and running. There are a number of videos on internet / you tube which boiler manufacturers demonstrate how to top up the heating system. One of these can be found on the following link.
If you are experiencing sub zero conditions outside, the other simple possibility is that the condense pipe is frozen. The pipe is usually plastic, white in colour and about 1" (or 21.5mmto be precise) in diameter. The pipe generally exists the bottom of the boiler and will go out of the wall and should terminate into a drain or fixed water outlet / gulley etc. This pipe excretes excess water from the boiler and can freeze up once the pipe is through the wall and exposed to low temperatures.
Do a visual inspections for ice in and around the external of the pipe. Boil the kettle and tip some hot water over the outside pipe. This should get rid of any frozen blockage in the system. Repeat the exercise and switch your boiler back on.
If boiler still not working - get in touch with us.