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Libra Investment Property Services Limited


Landlord Services

Property Management

At Libra, we consider our primary focus to be in the effective management of your property. We understand only too well the commercial aspect of letting property... many landlords rely on regular rental income to ensure their portfolio remains viable and they can continue to maintain their liabilities.

What can we do to help.....

If we are sourcing a new tenant, we remain open minded with each individual tenant who expresses an interest. In reality, we may end up saying no - but we offer each tenant the same level of service - our role is to ensure we offer the tenancy to someone we are comfortable will continue to meet their obligations. More importantly, if things do go wrong we can work with the tenants to put them right.

Rent Smart Wales.

If you have or are looking to have a rental property in Wales, Agents, Landlords and properties need to be registered. You can find details at

Client Monies

We have in place the required Client Money Protection policy. You can view a copy of our certificate on the link here.

Client monies are segregated in separate client money accounts. The monies within these accounts are protected as client monies so you have the added security that our banks will have no lien on them should any of our companies experience financial difficulties. Since our first day of trading, we attempt to make payments to our landlords as soon as is practical, often on same or next working day following receipt of cleared funds. However, if one of our tenants is experiencing some difficulty, we will work with them to ensure that they make frequent payments to their rent account as this can get things back on track. When dealing with multiple payments within a payment period we will attempt to achieve a practical payment plan to you, which may be fortnightly or even at the end of the month.

As consumers ourselves, the Directors of Libra Group are committed to the success of our business by supporting each and every landlord to be successful with theirs. We have an open book policy, for existing and potential landlords we would be happy to share our history of financial accounts with you to satisfy you that we remain worthy of dealing with your estate. We believe this to of highest importance as many local firms have suffered and failed over recent times. Contrary to some beliefs - size is not important especially when it comes to financial stability.

Tenant Find Only

Many agents offer freely tenant find only services. We may offer this service but would question the real value to you as the landlord and us as the agent. Landlord - tenant arrangements requires effort to build a relationship - that is what we do. There are more and more people looking for good quality property in the private rented sector. These tenants want to be confident they are dealing with individuals who are fair and honorable. We build those relationships, we make the time to build them, in reality, unless you are a full time property manager - you often can't dedicate the time required to forge these relationships. If you do have the time to do this then you need to question why you would really want to pay for a tenant to be found???

That said - we would be happy to discuss your ideas and requirements.


Over last few years we have sadly but steadily increased the portfolio of properties we have under management due to our effectiveness at dealing with tenants who have arrears. If we accept instruction of a property which is tenanted and has existing arrears, we will attempt to put the relationship back on track. Naturally this requires excellent communication skills. If we are satisfied that the relationship with tenant has irretrievably broken down, we meet the necessary criteria, we will upon your instruction pursue possession of the property and recovery of the debt.


Our success regarding possession is excellent, the reason for this is simple - possession is unpleasant for all involved - us, you, the tenant. When we seek possession we are confident that the grounds on which possession is sought is right and proper. We will ensure the paperwork is in order for the court. If it is not - we will tell you.

Recovery is a different beast. If we have handled the possession and have made the correct requests at the hearing - we are well placed to recover the debt. In reality, this is often a long drawn out process - but if the monies are due - they are due. Often we will instruct an external nationwide collecting agency if a local viable arrangement is unreachable.

Our Fees

A list of our fees are below and may be subject to change from time to time. Please be aware that these will certainly change inline with any VAT rate changes.

You can call our office to discuss our fee structure.

Landlord Property Find Service

More recently, we have assisted landlords in developing and expanding their portfolios in the right areas with the right return on investment.

Our property search is conducted without emotion, purely as a commercial enterprise offering for the landlord. Speak to us regarding this option.

Fit for Let

The streamlining of our operation along with the formation of our dedicated property repair & care TEAM, allows us to consider instructions on larger projects from landlords such as complete refurbishment, kitchen & bathroom replacement etc.

We are currently assisting a number of landlords with older properties, address the issue of condensation within their portfolios and using some innovative resource with fantastic results. Contact us directly if condensation and mold growth is an issue in your property.