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Having A Problem With Damp / Condensation and / or mould?

We have a few tips and pointers to try and erradicate the problem of condensation and other potential resulting issues.

Please have a look at the documents below sourced from a variety of places which may offer some helpfull advices and solutions to eradicate the problems.


There is no magic solution to condensation. It can often occurs in older properties due to the design of the property and largely how the occupants live. Air can only hold a certain amount of water vapour – the warmer it is the more it can hold. If there is little movement of air and if the water vapours are cooled by contact with a cold surface such as a mirror, a window or even a wall, the water vapour will turn into droplets of water-condensation. So, the warmer you keep your home the less likely you are to get condensation.Condensation occurs in cold weather, even when the weather is dry. It doesn’t always leave a ’tidemark’ round its edges on walls.If there is a ’tidemark’, this dampness might have another cause, such as water leaking into your home this could be from water ingress from plumbing ore even a loose tile on the roof.

DETR - Keep your home free from damp and mould.

Click here to open a goverment issued document on how to keep your home free from damp and mould.

Information from other sources...

Most local councils have some information on damp / condensation and mould. We have provided a few links below, but if you would like to look at your own specific Local Authority; just google ythe name of your council followed by damp and condensation advice.

Click Here to see what newport council think about damp and condensation.

Click Here for Neath Port Talbot information

Click Here for Birmingham City Council information

If you are still experiencing some difficulties, please contact us by reporting the problem.